Impact Day 2021

Cinéastes, producteur·trices, ONG, organisations et fondations sont invité·es à participer au FIFDH Impact Days. Un événement dont l'objectif est de trouver des alliances et des stratégies qui permettront d'améliorer la qualité et les résultats des campagnes d'impact afin d'avoir un effet positif sur le monde dans lequel nous vivons.

Le FIFDH Impact Days se déroule intégralement en anglais.

A look back at the 2021 Impact Day


The FIFDH, international leading human rights film festival, is held each year in March in Geneva, a city where over 750 NGOs and international organizations actively work and advocate to promote human rights and protect human rights activists worldwide. In 2019 the FIFDH launched the Impact Day. The Impact Day’s activities are divided into two categories: the training and networking events, addressed to selected filmmakers with a project and to changemakers (International organizations, NGOs and foundations), and the public activities, addressed to every filmmaker or organisation interested in impact production.


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Projects selected to participate in the Impact Days 2021

Among the 131 documentary projects received from 70 countries (considering production and co-production territories), 16 have ultimately been selected to participate at the Impact Day 2021. They come from 19 countries from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. 50% of the films are directed by female directors, 31% by male directors, and 19% are co-directed by teams of male and female directors.

The topics cover a wide range of the most urgent issues: from children trafficking in India to indigenous activism in the Amazon and the Philippines; from corporate responsibility in countries as Guatemala or Switzerland to forced displacement and land rights in Europe, and human rights abuses in Libya’s detention centers; among others.


72 Hours

Directed by: Anna Savchenko

Produced by: Play Time Films (Belgium), SaNoSi Productions (France) and Volia Films (Estonia)

Big Little Women

Directed by: Nadia Fares

Produced by: Framevox (Switzerland)


Directed by: Anelise Salan

Produced by: East Movies and The L Studio Film (Romania)

From The Shadows

Directed by: Miriam Chandy

Produced by: Filament Pictures Pvt Ltd (India), Bricolagista! and Film Independent (USA)

Holding The Sky (working title)

Directed by: Pieter Van Eecke

Produced by: Clin d’Oeil Films (Belgium) and Een van de jongens (Netherlands)


Directed and produced by: Ilyash Yourish and Shahrokh Bikaran (Afghanistan)

Libya, No Escape From Hell

Produced by: Magneto (France)

Mala Aria

Directed by: Sandrina Koppitz

Produced by: Elemag Pictures (Germany)


Directed by: Karl Malakunas

Produced by: Thoughtful Robot Productions (USA) and Storytellers International (Philippines)


Directed by: Meena Nanji and Zippy Kimundu

Produced by: AfroFilms International (Kenya), Twende Pictures (USA) and Muiraquitã Films (Brazil)

The Last Nomads

Directed by: Biljana Tutorov and Petar Glomazić

Produced by: Wake Up Films (Serbia), Cut-Up Production (Montenegro), Kinematograf (Croatia) and Syndicado (Canada)

The Mine

Directed by: Nadine Pequeneza and Carla Molina

Produced by: HitPlay Productions (Canada)

To See You Again

Directed by: Carolina Corral Paredes

Produced by: Amate Films (Mexico)

Urban Genesis

Directed by: Dodo Hunziker

Produced by: Doklab (Switzerland)

Who’s Complaining?

Directed by: Roland Chauville and Tay Blyth-Kubota

Produced by: Les Productions du Noyer (Switzerland)

Why Plastic?

Directed by: Louise Kjeldsen, Carsten Stomer and Kate Godfrey

Produced by: Plus Pictures and The Why Foundation (Denmark), a&o Buero (Germany) and Renegade Pictures (UK)

In March, after attending the online workshop to shape their impact strategies, the selected films’ teams will present their projects and attached campaigns to a wide range of NGOs and Foundations representatives with the aim of building synergies to make impact through the power of films.

An international selection committee greatly contributed with their expertise to identify the projects that will be part of the FIFDH Impact Day 2021:

  • Farah Fayed, Manager of GOOD PITCH Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Khushbooh Ranka, Director, Producer and Impact Producer (India)
  • Lea Maria Strandbæk Sørensen, Forum & Impact Manager at Nordisk Panorama (Sweden)
  • Paulina Suárez, General Director of Ambulante Festival (Mexico)
  • Edgar Hagen, Head of Documentary Film Directing at FOCAL (Switzerland)


The 2021 FIFDH Impact Day is organised in collaboration with:

With the support of:


Laura Longobardi
Head of Impact & Industry

Ana Castañosa
Impact Days Project Manager

Karolina Johansson
Impact Day Project Manager

Key Dates - FIFDH Impact Day 2022

25 January 2022

  • Webinar for selected film teams and observers

26 January 2022

  • Webinar for selected film teams only

10 February 2022

  • Workshop for NGOs

7 March 2022

  • Impact Lab for selected film teams only

8 March 2022

  • Informative session for NGOs and Organizations wanting to engage with films
  • One-to-one meetings between selected film teams and NGOs and organisations

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